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Thank you for visiting my site! I feel very blessed to have my passion as my career. The philosophy behind my lens is to create lovely images of important moments in an uncomplicated way.

Here's a little (well, maybe a lot) about me:
-My favorite colors are any shade of gray and aqua.
-I am low maintenance girlie: I love makeup and nail polish but I'm not a shop-a-holic. I'd rather shop for you than for myself.
-I've run 2 50-mile trail marathons and a handful of other ultra races.
-I'm a certified open water diver. I'm terrified of sharks.
-I'm a Pisces, down to the letter.
-I love love love music! It's on nearly all the time in my world.
-I went to college for graphic design but graduated with a BA in psychology.
-Chico will always hold a special place in my heart.
-I love people in love and capturing that emotion on digital 'film.'
-I adore miniature schnauzers and stray kitties.
-My favorite candy is lemon heads.
-I like red vines and sugar free rock stars. Together. Yes I know it's weird.
-I crave carbs over sweets.
-I love air popped popcorn with butter.
-I just got hungry writing this.
-I love pasta nights with garlic bread.
-I could eat sushi 3 nights a week.
-I would rather vacuum the house than any other chore. I loathe emptying the dishwasher.
-I love relaxing but I also love to have fun.
-I am kind, loving and laid back. I love snuggling.
-I am a little shy and get anxious around groups of people yet I can direct your large family photo shot list without a hitch.
-I will do just about anything for my friends.
-I loved Ansel Adams as a child.
-My first photography class was in high school. 2nd in college. Bought my first dslr in 2005 and started my business in 2008. I had wanted to for several years and this was the perfect time.
-I worked for 2 bio tech, 1 healthcare company and 1 home builder in my corporate career. I felt the most fulfilled working for a company that served to benefit others.
-I grew up in what used to be a tiny town called Pleasanton. I remember when it was much smaller.
-I'm a klutz. I break my own equipment on accident but I will care for yours like its gold.
-I will drop stuff or leave something somewhere when we work together, just watch. Literally please do watch because likely you'll remember where I put it. :)
-I'm not a morning person. I am definitely a night owl. I'm making this list at 2 in the morning.
-I love all Apple products.
-I'm trying to train myself to go to bed earlier.
-I love tomato soup & grilled cheese on cold days.
-I love the scent of vanilla.
-I just realized this list is pretty long.
-I want to get to know you :)

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